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Buying a home is often the largest investment of a person's life. Make sure you go with someone who has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to inspecting homes on Cape Cod. Go with confidence... go with INTEGRITY.

The process of purchasing a home can be overwhelming, with what seems to be an endless number of things to do and remember. After looking at many homes, you come to settle on one that seems right for you.

But... how do you know if it's structurally safe and sound, and if the systems function and how to operate them? You probably have questions like: "How much longer until I need to replace the roof covering?" and "is the electrical system adequate for my needs?"

Get all your questions informatively and patiently answered in layman’s terms by having Integrity inspect your home for you.

Whether you go with Integrity Home Inspection or not, do yourself a favor and be sure to hire an inspector with many years of experience inspecting homes on Cape Cod. Ask if your inspector is licensed and insured. Ask if you can go with the inspector around the house asking questions. Be sure to ask about what the report covers as well. Is it computerized, emailable, and detailed? Are there pictures of the problem areas, and can you get a copy of the report within a day? Integrity provides all this and more.


    This is to praise the inspector, Jeff Miele, who inspected our prospective house.... He was very thorough, very courteous and very professional thru out the entire process. No matter how insignificent (at times !!) my questions were, Jeff answered them in detail and to my complete satisfaction.


–Dave F.
S. Yarmouth

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