Here are some pictures of problem areas that we've found in past inspections. Click on any of the thumbnails to see the image enlarged, as well as an explantion of the problem being highlighted.

Attic view of roof leak
Asbestos pipe wrapping
Amateur wiring... very unsafe!
Amateur plumbing repair with electrical tape
Amateur electrical installation
Aged siding
Aged and corroded pipes
Mortar needed between foundation blocks
A furnace that would not turn on...
A footing in dire need of support
17-year-old hot water tank. Time for a replacement.
Woodpecker damage
Wire splices not in a proper junction box
Weak pressure at the well tank
Weak and tilted retaining wall
Water stains and mold
Water leakage in basement
Very wet crawlspace
Combustion problem with boiler
Clogged window well
Clogged gutter
Ceiling stains
Carpenter ants
Brown water, indicating a bad hot water tank
Bad footing
Bad chimney flashing
Time to upgrade to a safer anti-scald valve
Unsafe wires
Unsafe live electrical wiring at a broken outlet
Unsafe style (stab-lock) electrical panel
Ungrounded two-prong outlets
Just turn the valve... and scalding hot water shoots out!
Tree limbs overhanging the house
Torn chimney flashing
Cracked chimney crown and a missing rain cap
Cracked ceramic tiles
Cracked and defective roof shingles
Corroded pipe
Copper lines leading to an underground oil tank
Time to replace the oil tank
These shingles need replacing
This hose bib froze and then cracked
Asbestos pipe wrapping
Termite tubes
Termite-eaten wood trim
Tall deck in need of safety stabilization
Defective dehumidifier
Deck rail seats can be unsafe
Dead skunk found in basement
Damaged storm door piston
Dad... pitch me the ball!
Cracked window crank
Cracked retaining wall
Cracked glass
Possible lead paint peeling
Possible asbestos insulation
Old-style drum trap
No safety spring containment cord
Nesting inside a chimney flue
Mouse nesting in stored carpet
More termites
Moldy humidifier attached to a furnace
Exposed heating pipes... unsafe
Excessive vegetation
Electrical meter not attached to the house
Dry moisture reading at water stain
Detached window retractor arm
Drip leak at shutoff valve
Detached downspout
Delaminating door
Mold spots on framing
Moldy attic
Missing railing on one side
Missing cap shingle on roof
Missing baluster... unsafe
Leaks at the bulkhead
Leaking skylight
Tub spout leaks while shower is on
Cracked foundation
Floor tiles which may contain asbestos
Flaking chimney bricks
These fireplace bricks need some work
This fireplace and chimney need cleaning
Extensive termite damage
Excessively long dryer vent
Leaking and charred boiler
Leakage in crawlspace
Leak at skylight
Joist supports installed upside down
It doesn't take an inspector to make this discovery...
Improper step heights
Improper grading
Improper deck attachment point
High humidity staining in the attic