This is to praise the inspector, Jeff Miele, who inspected our prospective house.... He was very thorough, very courteous and very professional thru out the entire process. No matter how insignificent (at times !!) my questions were, Jeff answered them in detail and to my complete satisfaction.


– Dave F.
S. Yarmouth

Thank you again for your outstanding service. You far and away outperformed my expectations in being helpful, informative, and patient in explaining things in detailed layman's terms. We will move forward with a well founded confidence and understanding thanks to you.


– Jim F.

...I also enjoyed meeting you, observing your professional work manner, and I particularly appreciate your having shared some of your pertinent observations and your patient and understandable responses to my questions.


– Mr. Croce

It was a pleasure to meet you.... Shelly and I so much appreciate your professionalism and the speed with which you provided our report. Thanks again and all best!


– Peter

Thanks for a great job. I appreciate the time you took to go over everything with me.


– Liam